Asian American Makers

Paper Project

  • The maker: Takihyo
  • The stuff:  Beanies knitted with Japanese paper yarn. Paper yarn is a natural and sustainable material with a unique dry touch and proven benefits like odor elimination and moisture-wicking. Paper yarn is made from Manila Hemp, a renewable, fast-growing banana plant, also known to be an ecological plant which helps to prevent soil erosion.
  • Why we love: Tracing all the manufacturing steps of their products, including selecting raw materials, factories and packaging materials carefully.  Paper Project donates one tree for every order through the National Forest Foundation.


  • The maker: Queenie
  • The stuff:  Small-batch skincare crafted in Los Angeles, California
  • Why we love:  Products made with clean ingredients, 100% cruelty free, plant and mineral based.  Aenon is working with TerraCycle’s Zero Waste recycling program, which turns non-recyclables into new products towards path to becoming a zero-waste company.

KWC Hot Sauce

  • The maker: Roger
  • The stuff: Small batch hot sauce made in Fullerton, California.
  • Why we love: A family recipe combining the flavors of Seoul's Korean BBQ restaurants and the taquerias of Los Angeles.


  • The maker: Vanessa & Kim Pham
  • The stuff:  A pantry shortcut combining the sauces, aromatics, and seasonings of Asian flavors from Korea, Vietnam, Japan and more.
  • Why we love:  Named after the Vietnamese phrase “om som” meaning noisy and rambunctious, it allows anyone to easily cook with core Asian flavors.

Lanny Ho

  • The maker: Lanny Ho
  • The stuff:  Custom Year of the Tiger illustration
  • Why we love:  Brooklyn-based illustrator, woodblock carver, and tattoo artist, his art is influenced by the cultural diversity of tattooing.  Combine that with the inspirations of Buddhist art and the woodblock prints of the Edo period, his art is bold and powerful.

    Apricot LA

    • The maker: Anna Prewett
    • The stuff: Hand crafted & hand dyed textiles lovingly made in Topanga Canyons. Why we love: The colorful, fun mix of Californian and Japanese themes.

    Copper Cow

    • The maker: Debbie Wei Mullin
    • The stuff: Traditional Vietnamese coffee experience with Vietnamese American point of view.
    • Why we love: Sustainably support and share the vibrant heritage of Vietnamese coffee with an active relationship with farmers in Vietnam. Their farmers are paid 2x market rate to ensure a higher quality of life and the most delicious coffee they can produce.

    Fly by Jing

    • The maker: Jing Gao
    • The stuff:  Flavors inspired by Jing’s hometown Chengdu. Made in Sichuan Province, but living in the  United States - just like Jing.
    • Why we love:  Fly refers to the hole-in-the-wall restaurants that are so popular in Chengdu, they attract people like flies. Jing's birth name she recently reclaimed after going by Jenny for most of her life.

    My Darlin’

    • The maker: Priyanka Batr
    • The stuff: Cards with pretty pastels, bold typography, vintage novelty prints with 1940s banter and 1980s irreverence. 
    • Why we love: Growing up, Priyanka around moved a lot. Born in India, spent some years in England, and then finally moved to the  United States.  Cards and letter-writing became an important part of staying connected with friends and family they kept leaving behind.

    The Qi

    • The maker: Lisa Li
    • The stuff: Tea made by working directly with small family-owned farms across Asia using flowers.
    • Why we love: Flowers that are always hand-picked, organically grown, and sustainably cultivated. They give back to local New York City nonprofit organizations, including CAAAV and Heart of Dinner.

    Red Boat

    • The maker: Cuong Pham
    • The stuff: Spices & seasonings made from quality ingredients and inspired by the time-honored fermentation tradition of Phú Quốc, Vietnam's largest island.
    • Why we love: After moving to the United States, finding a gap to fill by recreating the flavors of  Cuong's childhood in Saigon. 


    • The maker: Tram & Kevin
    • The stuff: Eco-friendly candles, Sạch means "clean" in Vietnamese. 
    • Why we love:  Balancing Tram's passion of the comfort of candles with environmental impact by using sustainable materials of all-natural coconut wax, completely recyclable glass jars & screw top lids, and label paper made from sugar cane. 

    Us Two

    • The maker: Maggie Xue
    • The stuff:  Tea leaves are grown, picked, and processed on-site from  three small family-owned farms in Taiwan. These tea leaves are then packaged in biodegradable corn fiber tea bags.
    • Why we love: Representing the second generation of Asian Americans. Wanting to inspire the next generation to be more confident about our culture and stay true and authentic to who they are as Asian Americans. 

    Tea Drops

    • The maker: Sashee Chandran 
    • The stuff:  Tea Drops Lattes
    • Why we love:  Teas that are environmentally friendly, convenient by making them bagless.  Tea Drops sheds 15% less waste than traditional tea bags. The company supports a female forward supply chain.  They support fair trade, organic harvesting, and all the teas are kosher certified.  With every box they sell, they donate a year’s supply of clean water through the Thirst Project.

    ardent goods

    • The maker: Christina Fakiri 
    • The stuff: Shower steamers handmade in small batches
    • Why we love: Family-owned business, focused on creating intentional living goods, by sourcing sustainable textiles, ingredients and packaging.  They create products that aim to reduce waste and include great design. Choosing non-toxic all natural ingredients has always been our main priority, and have kept to that standard by using essential oils, carcinogen-free fragrance oils, botanicals and other nourishing natural ingredients. Packaging is always either multiple use or is recyclable or biodegradable.

    Designer & Motion Graphic Artist

    • The maker: Fionna Lanning
    • The stuff: Cơmbap Mart's logo & colors. Currently working as an Art Director at a post-production studio, she works on a myriad of commercial projects, including commercials, branding, and experiential installations.
    • Why we love: She is inspired everyday by the limitations and demands of her client's needs.

    Jun Shimizu

    • The maker: Jun Shimizu
    • The stuff:  Site photography
    • Why we love:  His global perspective as a Swiss-Japanese filmmaker based in Los Angeles, with his work in various creative capacities with non-profits such as the Asia/Pacific Cultural Center for UNESCO. 

    Digital Artist & Editor

    • The maker: Aiko Grace
    • The stuff: Illustrations for Cơmbap Mart’s social pages. Her most notable work is featured in “We Need to Talk About Anti-Asian Hate,” which is a video by The Try Guys starring Eugene Lee Yang.
    • Why we love: She draws inspiration from activists and the powerful work being done to protect AAPI, LGBTQIA, and Black communities with the love of working with lots of color and animation.